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Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy (ABA) can support your child to build skills, develop relationships, and participate meaningfully in their home and community settings. Behaviour Practitioners also work with you and other important people in your child’s life to make key environmental changes which can promote reductions in behaviours of concern.

Our Approach - Applied Behavioural Analysis

Our approach

At Early Autism Services Australia, we specialise in ABA Therapy, which we deliver in a naturalistic and child-led manner. This therapy approach is based on researched principles of human behaviour and learning.

Benefits of ABA

ABA can help to reduce behaviours of concern by identifying events and stimuli in the environment that are influencing that behaviour. It aims to equip an individual with skills that serve to replace that behaviour while still meeting the individual’s needs and preferences. ABA also focuses on educating significant others in a person’s environment and this can include home, school and early childhood settings.

Teaching methods within ABA are tailored to how the child learns best. The ultimate goal of an ABA program is to reach a point where the individual’s need for support is reduced, and their ability to be independent and happy in their environment is strengthened.

Applied Behavioural Analysis
Our Values - Applied Behavioural Analysis

Our values when delivering ABA