Gillienne Nadeau, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Gillienne Nadeau, M.S., BCBA is a behavior analyst who has worked directly, providing ABA therapy to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder since 2011.  Prior to working in the field of ABA in 2011, she worked as a theater teacher for children and adolescents after graduating with a BFA in theater.  Before moving back to Philadelphia to work with EAS, Gillienne was living in Hawaii and working with Autism Behavior Consulting Group.  It was in Hawaii that she developed a love for ABA  and earned a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Sage College.  Gillienne has supervised experience in the community, school, home, and clinic setting with individuals aged 2-18.  She has also done various presentations with the Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis, Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii, ABAI, and TACA.  Gillienne loves both the science of behavior and getting to play with amazing children all the time while watching them grow and learn!