Early Autism Services

Speech Pathology

Our Speech Pathology team works with each child, their family, and teachers to support speech and language development across all environments, using evidenced-informed approaches.


The role of our Speech Pathologists is to ensure that every autistic and neurodivergent individual has the ability and opportunity to successfully participate in the community. Our team can support your child to develop effective communication and can also focus on feeding and swallowing abilities.

Our clinicians evaluate and plan intervention to further develop skills across a range of areas including expressive and receptive language, social communication play, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), articulation, fluency, voice, and swallowing.

Our Speech Pathologists can support your child with:

Our Collaborative Approach

We support each child’s social communication and academic development by consulting with parents and teachers, and providing strategies to support children at home, within the classroom and playground.

Our Speech Pathologists work within a multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive early intervention programs, targeting all aspects of development. As children progress into adolescence, our speech pathologists, alongside other allied-health professionals, work with autistic individuals to support their participation in everyday life activities within the home, and in the community.
Speech Pathology - Our Collaborative Approach